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Michael Gao Inc., a senior certified public accountant (CGA) led the tax, accounting, financial advisory services professional institutions, was established in 2009. Over the years, the company dedicated to every customer to provide professional, timely and comprehensive service, adhere to the quality and integrity of the core values, so that we have established long-term partnership with many customers.

As a business owner, you file your personal income tax return and pay the same amount of tax as any employed wage earner. Your business income, after deductions, is considered your annual wage, you report it as professional or business income.
All resident corporations (except tax-exempt Crown corporations, Hutterite colonies and registered charities) have to file a corporation income tax (T2) return every tax year even if there is no tax payable.
Canadian government identify following as overseas assets, funds held outside Canada, Shares of non-resident corporation (other than foreign affiliates), indebtedness owed by non-residents, interests in non-resident trusts, real property outside Canada, Other property outside Canada and Property held in an account with a Canadian registered securities dealer or a Canadian trust company.
Canadian government aim to eliminate the action of transferring assets to no tax/low tax area to avoid tax payment in Canada, also want to make sure that the income of controlled foreign affiliate with fair tax policy, government set foreign accrual property income (FAPI).
We are here to help someone who moves a lot, travelling very often. Collecting official letters like government notice, bank notice, credit card company mails and all the letters that important to you. We’ll keep them well organized and secure.