Corporate tax returns

All resident corporations (except tax-exempt Crown corporations, Hutterite colonies and registered charities) have to file a corporation income tax (T2) return every tax year even if there is no tax payable. This includes:

- non-profit organizations;
- tax-exempt corporations;
- inactive corporations.

Non-resident corporations have to file a T2 return in certain situations. Our goal is to provide you with effective tax strategies and advice to help you minimize your tax costs not only now, but through your lifetime and business cycle.

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GST/PST/HST reporting

We provide services as help register for a GST/HST account, Find out if you need to charge, when and how to charge, which rate to charge, invoicing requirements and GST/HST return.

Financial system establishment

Many small businesses view bookkeeping as a painful, time consuming process. Business owners can spend a significant amount of time working through the books themselves.

Our company can help you with our reliable bookkeeper who can provide accurate and prompt service. This time would be better spent focusing what matters most, running their business.

Company Registration and Advisory Services

Businesses that need to deal with federal, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada need to register for a business number (BN) and program accounts.

BNot all businesses need a BN and program accounts. You only need a BN if you need one or more program accounts. In most cases, you register for a program account to participate in a program. You may need to participate in a program to meet your tax obligations. The most common program accounts a business will need are GST/HST, payroll deductions, corporation income tax, and import-export.

Michael Gao Inc., a senior certified public accountant (CGA) led the tax, accounting, financial advisory services professional institutions, was established in 2009. Over the years, the company dedicated to every customer to provide professional, timely and comprehensive service, adhere to the quality and integrity of the core values, so that we have established long-term partnership with many customers.

Company president Gao Yue graduated from accounting major at University of Regina, Canada licensed CPA, have had many years of large-scale chartered accountants working experience, with profound professional knowledge and rich practical experience, especially in overseas assets reporting, effectively help the new and old immigrants and the small and medium-sized enterprise legitimate tax. At present, the company's customer base covers the real estate development, investment holding, import and export trade, e-commerce, manufacturing and distribution of wholesale, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants, supermarkets and retail and other fields.