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Foreign property and income verification

Canadian government identify following as overseas assets, funds held outside Canada, Shares of non-resident corporation (other than foreign affiliates), indebtedness owed by non-residents, interests in non-resident trusts, real property outside Canada


 Other property outside Canada and Property held in an account with a Canadian registered securities dealer or a Canadian trust company.

新移民拥有的海外资产超过10万加元就需要填表,新移民第一年免报,以后每年必须申报。资产成本以移民登陆那天的资本市场价格计算。值得一提的是,加拿大并不对“资产”本身征税(企业资本税除外),而是对这些资本产生的“收入”征税。对于海外资产的申报时间,新移民登陆后成为加拿大税务居民后的当年是不需要呈报各项的海外资产的,要第二年才需要申报。 申报海外资产需填写T1135表格。

Controlled and Non-Controlled Foreign Affiliates

Canadian government aim to eliminate the action of transferring assets to no tax/low tax area to avoid tax payment in Canada, also want to make sure that the income of controlled foreign affiliate with fair tax policy, government set foreign accrual property income (FAPI).


新移民拥有的海外资产超过10万加元就需要填表,新移民第一年免报,以后每年必须申报。资产成本以移民登陆那天的资本市场价格计算。值得一提的是,加拿大并不对“资产”本身征税(企业资本税除外),而是对这些资本产生的“收入”征税。对于海外资产的申报时间,新移民登陆后成为加拿大税务居民后的当年是不需要呈报各项的海外资产的,要第二年才需要申报。 申报海外公司需填写T1134表格。

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